Growing up in the design industry with Sanjay as her father and mentor Shweta has been fascinated by the Design profession since her childhood. Shweta holds her Bachelor’s in Architecture degree from Pillai College of Architecture Mumbai University in 2018, during which she gained an in-depth knowledge of building, construction space planning and other design concepts. She is associated with the Design Team of Visions Architects & Designers and has worked on the concepts and architectural details of design.

She formally sharpened her skills in interior architecture at University of California Los Angeles while pursuing her Master’s in Interior Architecture Degree. She gained her practical experience while working under a Polish designer during her internship at Malgosia Migdal Design Beverly Hills, California. After graduating from UCLA in May 2020, currently Shweta is working as a Junior Designer in a multi-disciplinary design firm in Malibu, California where she intends to understand and explore the American work and Design culture.

Since high school technology has been her strength which she adopted in her architectural studies by exploring various Design Softwares.

Sanjay and Shweta together plan to take VISIONS to next generation as Innovision where their combined style will work towards the exploration of mixing classic lines with organic elements, creating welcoming spaces that are inspired and timeless in nature.

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