Re-imagining house designs and architecture in the world during and post COVID

In the past few months, the world has seen unimaginable changes due to the novel Corona virus. People have experienced dramatic shifts in their lifestyles in more ways than ever. With the spreading of this virus - social distancing, frequent sanitization and working from home have become the norm. Schools and colleges have been conducting classes and assessing tests online itself. And with public places like mall cinema theatres and parks also being closed down, people have been trying to find all kinds of recreation at home itself.

Homes have been a fall back or retreat from the work environment and the outside world for most people until COVID hit. But since COVID 19, homes have become more than just homes – they are now the place for work, play, movies, concerts, and what not.

Studies have reported that it could be a long time before the world goes back to how it was before COVID and the current condition is touted to become the “new normal” for at least a few years to come.

The exigency of a world dealing with the challenges of COVID demands that house designs be re-imagined, to meet the needs of people to live and work from homes completely and peacefully in these circumstances. For the foreseeable future, homes need to be the microcosms of every inhabitant’s world’s outside doubling up as the offices, the schools, the mall, the gym, park and theatres.

Some factors to consider when designing a new home in the era of COVID, as suggested by some architects are –

Homes will also play an important role in deciding the kind of life people want post the pandemic. So these additions and modification in the designing of residential buildings can help people remain productive and safe within their homes for as long as is needed.

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