Design Tips for a pet-friendly home

There are many residential spaces that do not allow pets or pet-owning families into their premises, and many pet owning families have lost the opportunity to live in spaces they love, as a result.For most pet owners their pets are equally important as their family members – in fact many people insist that their pet is a part of their family. Real estate developers have realized the importance of catering to this niche group of people who are willing to go to any extent to keep their pets with them.

Many people are becoming pet owners of late – adopting cats, dogs and even rabbits and other small animals. Many families even own multiple pets and give utmost importance to pet-friendliness when it comes to homes.

So amenities are being included in newly constructed homes as home owners are also losing clients due to this particular restriction. Architects are also thinking of creative design solutions to accommodate pets into homes in societies in such a way that they are not a hinderance to families and people that do not particularly like to be disturbed by pets and the noises they make.

Engineers and architects are being approached to create spaces that are sure to keep both master, their pet, as well as other pet-less families content in the same compound/colonies.

For example, in some apartments and colonies, a dedicated pet park with sand banks and a pet play are being included, while some have a private garden and trail that can be used by pets exclusively so they do not come regularly in contact with other people.

Walls of houses are being soundproofed so other neighbouring families don’t get disturbed by pet sounds from the pet owning family homes. These are just few solutions being offered by the architects now.

For each apartment or complex or colony, the requirement can be different and need to be personalised in order to suit the preferences and structure of that particular apartment or space.

Home owners and land owners whose property is not pet-friendly as yet, should contemplate this further and consult the right architects for a solution to turn their property into a pet-friendly space, as this has now become the need of the hour, with more and more people wanting to adopt pets.

Many people have also been putting this suggestion forward to their society/building secretaries to make their area pet friendly so they can keep pets. By adopting this, home and property owner scan highly benefit as their client base will expand immensely.

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